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16641 Fishhawk Blvd, Lithia, FL 33547
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Serving infants to school-age children, our childcare and early learning programs embrace change and innovation. The story of Young Innovators started in 2007 as a grassroots movement of early childhood educators In Orlando. Their concern was that traditional preschools had been offering the same curriculum for decades and looked the same as decades ago during the most fertile years of brain development. There was an urgent need to redesign learning environments and outdated curriculums to deliver better experiences for young learners. In a post-covid world, we can return to the old models of instruction or embrace a redesign of early education to help young children develop the innovative mindset they will need to address global changes. Based on new research on how the brain works and how children learn, Young Innovators not only develops what they must know but also mindsets, attitudes, values, and skills to prepare the next generation for a fast-changing world.

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