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About Us

The Motion of Gratitude is a holistic wellbeing business with a mission to help individuals feel the impact of intentional Gratitude and being present in their daily life. In 2018, overwhelmed by the challenges of being a stay-at-home mom to two young daughters, Shannon hit a breaking point. Feeling tired of constantly feeling tired and questioning her abilities, she felt like a complete shell of herself. Then, her husband suggested a simple idea: focus on gratitude. Skeptical at first (and resistant to the idea that she needed to be more grateful), she decided to start there. She made intentional time for self-reflection and gratitude. Initially feeling awkward, this practice gradually transformed her perspective. After just a few weeks, she felt lighter, more appreciative, and excited about each day. This shift inspired her to share her experience with others. Driven by a newfound appreciation for intentional gratitude, Shannon and her husband Matthew spent three years developing resources and tools, resulting in The Experience, our 28 Day Gratitude Initiative that combines a physical product and digital experience through The Motion of Gratitude app. Rooted in scientific research on gratitude’s impact, our program aims to remind you to be intentional about your days and provides the tools to make it happen. The Experience is here for 28 days be your guide and give you the tools you need to feel the impact of intentional Gratitude in your life. There is more to life than going through the motions, and we are here to support you on that journey.

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