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There’s a lot of folks who have served, or are currently serving, in the Armed Forces who don’t feel in control of their finances. They’re struggling with the unique financial challenges facing military families, and they don’t have a sufficient financial plan for their transition to civilian life or for their final retirement. As a military spouse for 25 years, I have seen this first-hand, and my mission at Plan For Your Goals is to help you take control of your finances and start getting the confidence about the future you want. Top 5 Financial Concerns for Military Families • Managing money during an overseas deployment, • Moving every few years due to permanent change of station (PCS), • Balancing the spouse's career, • Getting the right financial advice, • Transitioning from military life to civilian life. If you’re stressed or worried because you’re struggling as you face these challenges, I know how you feel. My wife served in the Air Force for 25 years. Early in her career we made some mistakes with money and took on too much debt, making it even more difficult to cope with the unique challenges facing military families. We struggled financially for years, but in 2004 that changed after we attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. It was there that we decided to take control of our finances! Now, that’s exactly what I help people do every day. I’m a fee-only fiduciary advisor and one of Dave Ramsey’s Smartvestor Pros. I know I can help you take control of your finances. My 8 Main Financial Planning Services: • Tax-efficient, low-cost investing in your TSP, 401K, and brokerage accounts • Cash flow management and budgeting • Debt management and elimination • Education planning for children and adults (college, trade school, certification) • Risk management and insurance • Tax Planning • Estate planning • Retirement income planning Your 6 Top Benefits 1. Organization: I will help you get organized and feel in control of your finances. 2. Accountability: I will help you stay on track while working to fulfill your financial obligations and responsibilities. 3. Objectivity: I will help you avoid unwise financial decisions, especially during periods of emotional stress, bringing you an outside point of view. 4. Proactivity: I will help you to anticipate and prepare for military and civilian life transitions, providing action plans you can carry out before they occur. 5. Education: I will provide you with the knowledge and resources you need given your specific financial situation, so that you can make smart money decisions. 6. Partnership: My aim will be for you to achieve all your financial goals, and I will work alongside you, taking the time to clearly understand the uniqueness of you and your financial situation. Working With Me Is Easy: 3-Step Process 1. Book Your Appointment for a FREE Financial Review: I will answer your questions, help you identify red flags and gaps in your financial plan, and give you practical steps you can take starting today. 2. Get The Right Plan: During our initial meetings, we will work together to develop your Comprehensive Plan by considering your: • Goals and values, • Concerns and constraints, • Comfort level with market volatility, • Retirement time horizon, • Current financial situation, • What’s working well/not so well. 3. Keep Your Plan On Track: Quarterly phone call or virtual meeting to connect and follow-up. This is included with monthly financial planning and maintenance services only. So, if you’re interested or even just curious, click on the "Book Appointment" button at the top and see if there’s an opening that works with your schedule. Everyone’s time is important and the sooner we put something on the books, the more likely we are to find a time that suits us both. Plan For Your Goals, LLC is a state Registered Investment Adviser. Insurance products and services are offered and sold through individually licensed and appointed agents in all appropriate jurisdictions. Agents are associated with the following Agencies: American National, Prudential. Plan For Your Goals, LLC and these Agencies are not related entities. Although the firm does not charge a fee for attending the FREE Financial Review appointment and this appointment offers the attendees educational information, the appointment is intended to result in the attendee purchasing a product or establishing an advisory relationship. The SmartVestor program is made up of financial advisors and other investing pros from across the country. SmartVestor is an advertising service that Plan For Your Goals, LLC pays a monthly fee for introduction to potential clients. Our firm utilizes this service as a lead generator. SmartVestor utilizes the “Ramsey Values” and uses the Ramsey Solutions as a paid promoter of SmartVestor Pros. SmartVestor has a vetting process that includes a certain number of years of full-time experience as a registered securities professional, and agreement to the Code of Ethics. Potential clients can use this matching service at no cost.

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Military and civilian financial retirement plans. Includes a free consultation. Contact us today! (850) 786-3400.


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